• NASA Astronaut Winston Scott Portrait

  • NASA Astronaut Winston Scott during an EVA

  • NASA Astronaut Winston Scott Portrait


We have great pleasure in announcing that our guest for November 2018 is NASA Astronaut Winston E. Scott (Capt. USN Ret).

Events will include public events (2 lectures and an evening dining event) further information including dates, venues and tickets to follow in a day  or two as we pull together all of the details.

Winston Scott has not visited the U.K. before and is a veteran of two shuttle missions.

Winston Scott is an accomplished pilot flying both military and civilian aircraft, (he is still flying today checkout ‘Fly with an Astronaut’ next time you are over at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida).

A former NASA astronaut he is also an accomplished musician, holds a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan karate and is currently a Senior Advisor at Florida Institute of Technology.

NASA SPACE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: Scott was selected by NASA in March 1992 and reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1992. He served as a mission specialist on STS-72 in 1996 and STS-87 in 1997, and has logged a total of 24 days, 14 hours, and 34 minutes in space, including 3 spacewalks totalling 19 hours and 26 minutes.

STS-72 Endeavour (January 11-20, 1996) was a 9-day flight during which the crew retrieved the Space Flyer Unit satellite (launched from Japan 10-months earlier), deployed and retrieved the OAST-Flyer satellite, and conducted two spacewalks to demonstrate and evaluate techniques to be used in the assembly of the International Space Station. The mission was accomplished in 142 orbits of the Earth, traveling 3.7 million miles, and logged him a total of 214 hours and 41 seconds in space, including his first EVA of 6 hours and 53 minutes.

STS-87 (November 19 to December 5, 1997) was the fourth U.S Microgravity Payload flight and focused on experiments designed to study how the weightless environment of space affects various physical processes, and on observations of the Sun's outer atmospheric layers. Scott performed two spacewalks. The first, a 7-hour, 43-minute EVA featured the manual capture of a Spartan satellite, in addition to testing EVA tools and procedures for future Space Station assembly. The second spacewalk lasted 5 hours and featured space station assembly tests. The mission was accomplished in 252 Earth orbits, traveling 6.5 million miles in 376 hours and 34 minutes.

For anyone new to the site Inspirespace CIC is the not for profit (not for loss) company that we have created to excite and enthuse people about space exploration and 'Astronaut Event' is the website we use to promote our activities.

Thank you, and look forward to seeing you all again soon,

The InspireSpace Team

Inspirespace Community Interest Company

P.S. We are looking for corporate sponsorship to make more of these events happen.

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New Astronaut Guest Announced

22. Jul, 2018

NASA Astronaut Winston E. Scott announced as our new guest for November 2018.

16. Jul, 2018