• Kirstie Deakin, Astronaut Don Thomas and Emma Jones zero-g excitement?

  • Tim Peake Soyuz Spacecraft on U.K. Tour.

  • U.K. ESA Astronaut Tim Peake.


Happy 2018!

Our last guest visit for 2017 by former NASA Flight Controller Jerry C. Bostick was a great success and has inspired us to encourage more of the NASA 'Unsung Heroes' to come over to the U.K. and share their knowledge and experiences......please watch this space.

A big thank you to Jerry for his time and effort involved in getting here and touring and the inevitable delay in returning home caused by the fallout of hurricane Harvey, our best wishes to the good people of Texas and Louisana for a swift recovery.

Negotiations underway for our next astronaut guest for 2018. 

For anyone new to the site Inspirespace CIC is the not for profit (not for loss) company that we have created to excite and enthuse people about space exploration.

Thank you, and look forward to seeing you all again soon,

Nick & Bryar Deakin, Colin Shales and Kirstie Deakin

Inspirespace Community Interest Company

P.S. We are looking for corporate sponsorship to make more of these events happen.

27. Jan, 2018