Astronaut Visits to the U.K.

Access to astronauts and other space professionals has never been greater than it is today. They have amazing experiencies to share and out of this world stories to tell. Take the opportunity to meet them and listen as they excite and inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and space explorers.


Forthcoming Events for 2020

We will communicate details of space related events here in the United Kingdom. Always contact the organisers directly, we cannot be held responsible for cancelled, postponed events. Please tell the organisers we sent you. If you know of an event not featured or are promoting an event here in the U.K. yourself please let us know and it will be featured.

For a list of worldwide sighting opportunities please visit Collectspace 

For events in the U.K. and Europe be sure to visit Armchair Astronaut


April 24th/25th 2020  Ed Gibson - Visit Space Lectures dedicated site.

Ed Gibson served on the support crew of Apollo 12 the second Moon landing mission, before working on the development of the Skylab space station in 1973–74, he made his flight into space as science pilot aboard Skylab 4 the third and final crewed flight to Skylab. He spent just over 84 days in space.


Tim Peake on Tour 'Limitless' with new book and lecture

Various locations so far include: York, Aberdeen, Nottingham, London, Kingston more to follow.

Join British astronaut Tim Peake as he relives his six-month mission to the International Space Station, and the surprising journey that took him there.